Stockman Bank Triples Digital Banking Users with NCR

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Stockman Bank of Montana, a determination person successful cultivation banking, partnered with NCR Digital Banking to amended the lawsuit experience, summation the agility to innovate much rapidly and summation efficiencies wrong the integer banking experience. Since going unrecorded with NCR, the slope has seen a 3x summation successful caller integer banking customers and a 20% summation successful existing idiosyncratic logins.

Stockman Bank, with $5.2 cardinal successful assets, was looking to summation greater flexibility and power implicit its integer banking acquisition and capabilities. Perhaps astir importantly, the slope realized that it needed to beryllium capable to innovate and differentiate astatine its ain gait to enactment its strategical priorities. The slope yet chose NCR Digital Banking for its unfastened architecture and committedness to helping thrust a forward-looking integer strategy.

“Leaving down aging bequest systems successful favour of NCR’s modern, unfastened level has enabled america to present delightful lawsuit experiences and solidify our competitory presumption successful the market,” explained Kevin Guenthner, CIO, Stockman Bank of Montana. “With NCR, we person greater agility, efficiencies and speed. Now I person flexibility successful what exertion I usage crossed the organization.”

Stockman Bank besides partnered with NCR’s Professional Services squad to physique an integration furniture that supports effectual connection to back-end systems, resulting successful much streamlined, businesslike processes for their exertion infrastructure. Since launching with NCR, the slope has experienced enhanced engagement, with an 18% summation successful mobile app usage and a 37% summation successful RDC deposits.

“Leading institutions similar Stockman Bank recognize that the aboriginal is digital, and they’ve made the strategical bundle and services investments to stay applicable and compete,” added Doug Brown, president, NCR Digital Banking. “By partnering with NCR, Stockman Bank has been capable to make an easier, much convenient lawsuit experience, which includes bringing caller capabilities and functionality to marketplace much quickly.”

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