Tech Nation Announces 15 Companies Selected To Join Prestigious Future Fifty Programme

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As the spotlight shines connected the UK tech assemblage for the 2nd time of London Tech Week, Tech Nation, the UK’s starring maturation level for tech scaleups, announces 15 caller companies selected to articulation the Future Fifty programme – Tech Nation’s maturation programme for late-stage integer businesses.

Companies selected to articulation Future Fifty: Cazoo, Cognism, Double Eleven, Form 3, Hopin, Huma, Multiverse, MYPINPAD, Oxbotica, STATSports, Strike, Tessian, Wagestream, What3words and Wolf & Badger. The latest companies to articulation the programme are going from spot to spot successful what has been a grounds breaking twelvemonth for UK tech, with 20 tech unicorns created successful 2021 unsocial (companies valued astatine $1bn and above).

New startups which responded to the challenges posed by the pandemic are represented successful the cohort. Hopin, the online events platform, saw its valuation emergence to $7.75bn, portion headcount has grown to much than 900 employees successful 47 countries since March 2020. Established scaleups who person cemented their presumption arsenic the starring planetary tech companies implicit the past year, are besides represented. One caller joiner, Cazoo, the online car retailer, began trading connected the New York Stock Exchange successful August 2021, raising $1bn to physique retired its marque crossed the UK and mainland Europe.

In total, caller joiners to the programme are readying to summation their headcount by connected mean 60% successful the adjacent 12 months. Japan is the apical state companies are readying to grow to, followed by Canada, Germany, South Africa and China.

UK late-stage tech ecosystem

The programme reflects the maturation of the UK tech sector, and the “funnel” which takes companies from effect to billion-dollar valuations. Launched successful 2013, 202 companies person taken portion successful the programme, collectively raising $36bn successful task superior investment, with 11 companies going connected to IPO, including Deliveroo, Darktrace, and Wise (London’s largest-ever tech listing) arsenic good arsenic Revolut – the UK’s azygous largest tech company, valued astatine £23bn.

The quality of companies astatine this precocious signifier of maturation is changing. Over the past decade, concern into UK precocious signifier tech companies has scaled up. Firms astatine this signifier person gone from raising $409mn exclusively done Series B and C rounds successful 2011, to acold larger sums of wealth – mega rounds betwixt $100-250mn and of $250mn+. So acold successful 2021, these Series B, C and mega rounds marque up 2 thirds ($9.95bn) of the $15bn raised by precocious signifier scaling tech companies. This is further grounds of the expanding maturity of the UK tech sector, and the concern illustration of the UK is evermore reflecting that seen antecedently successful the Bay Area and Beijing alone. Furthermore, UK companies astatine precocious signifier are taking connected this standard of investment, astatine an earlier signifier successful their scaling journey, successful bid to vie with US tech giants.


Gerard Grech, Founding Chief Executive, Tech Nation, comments: “The companies selected to articulation this year’s Future Fifty programme are a shining illustration of the UK’s entrepreneurship, innovation and resilience. The UK tech assemblage is the cornerstone of our economical growth, the 15 companies joining Future Fifty 10.0 collectively employment implicit 5,000 radical and person raised astir $1.6bn successful task superior investment. Based crossed the UK, nurturing the maturation of these scaling late-stage tech companies is captious to aboriginal proofing the UK’s economy’.

Slaughter and May emerging tech spouse Ben Kingsley said: “We’re delighted to beryllium a portion of this year’s Tech Nation Future Fifty arsenic a programme spouse and having the accidental to enactment the large enactment that Tech Nation and these 50 ambitious and innovative organisations are doing. We ever bask moving with pioneers and helping to region the ineligible and regulatory obstacles successful their paths – truthful we’re each looking guardant to doing much of this with this fantastic Future Fifty cohort.”

Future Fifty 10.0


Ecommerce & Marketplace I London

Cazoo’s ngo is to alteration the car buying and selling acquisition for consumers crossed the UK and Europe by providing amended selection, quality, transparency, convenience, flexibility and bid of mind. Cazoo aims to marque buying oregon selling a car nary antithetic to ordering immoderate different merchandise online today, wherever consumers tin simply and seamlessly buy, sell, concern oregon subscribe to a car wholly online for transportation oregon postulation successful arsenic small arsenic 72 hours.


Sales Intelligence I London

Cognism is simply a starring planetary income quality platform. With an internationally compliant database and unrivalled planetary information coverage, Cognism helps gross teams to make and adjacent caller concern opportunities faster. Comprising a almighty premix of innovative exertion and quality ingenuity – including intent data, outbound automation features and a squad of go-to-market advisors – Cognism enables B2B organisations to lick their gross enlargement challenges and flooded planetary compliance barriers.

Double Eleven

Gaming/Immersive I Middlesbrough

Double Eleven is simply a full-service video games developer and publisher, moving connected immoderate of the world’s biggest IP’s (including Minecraft) with immoderate of the globe’s largest companies (like Microsoft). The institution operates its HQ retired of Middlesbrough and runs a outer bureau successful Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but has partners and players spanning each territories crossed the world.

Form 3

Fintech I London

Form 3’s imaginativeness is to beryllium the world’s astir trusted supplier of outgo technology. It aims to design, physique and tally the exertion that powers the aboriginal of payments done an end-to-end managed exertion work to regulated fiscal institutions that provides them with connectivity to the beingness of outgo schemes done a azygous API.


Event & Community I London

Founded successful 2019 and launched successful 2020, Hopin is the starring all-in-one lawsuit absorption level that enables brands and communities to make immersive, unrecorded experiences for virtual, hybrid and in-person audiences. Through its multi-product level including Virtual Venue, Event Marketing, Onsite Services and Live Streaming Studio, attendees tin learn, interact, and link with radical from anyplace successful the world. Hopin, 1 of the UK’s fastest increasing companies, is simply a remote-first institution headquartered successful London with employees successful 47 countries. More than 100,000+ organizations usage its level and millions of attendees amusement up each month.


Healthtech I London

Huma is simply a integer healthtech institution transforming healthcare and probe globally. Its integer ‘hospital astatine home’ and decentralized objective proceedings level uses real-time wellness information from smartphones to assistance patients, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare systems.


Edtech I London

Multiverse’s ngo is to make a divers radical of aboriginal leaders. To execute this, the institution provides high-quality apprenticeship programmes that harvester work, grooming and assemblage astatine immoderate of the world’s astir breathtaking companies. Multiverse is the outstanding alternate to assemblage and firm training.


Fintech I Cardiff

MYPINPAD combines universally trusted and highly unafraid user PIN authentication with leading-edge mobile technology, providing a captious constituent to alteration the improvement of integrated, scalable and unsocial lawsuit experiences. Its specialised proprietary bundle for payments, e-commerce and integer individuality turns astute devices into outgo terminals and trusted authentication devices. This enables a accordant ‘card present’ acquisition crossed in-store and integer channels.


Autonomous Vehicle Software I Oxford

Oxbotica is simply a world-leading autonomous conveyance bundle company, headquartered successful Oxford, UK, and founded by Professor Paul Newman and Professor Ingmar Posner successful 2014. Oxbotica’s unsocial bundle enables immoderate vehicle, successful immoderate situation to run autonomously – referred to arsenic Universal Autonomy. It is an full ecosystem, a bundle level comprising aggregate bundle solutions that code the afloat spectrum of the autonomy marketplace. Oxbotica partners with planetary companies who licence its bundle and instrumentality it to marketplace astatine scale.


Sports I Newry

STATSports are world-leaders successful on-field show monitoring and investigation successful sport. Working with implicit 600 nonrecreational teams crossed each sporting disciplines, STATSports APEX strategy revolutionised the athletics subject and subordinate show industries, providing elite practitioners afloat visibility of jock readiness successful existent time. STATSports’ APEX Athlete Series offers the mundane jock afloat knowing of their diversion show to assistance athletes go fitter, faster and execute astatine a higher intensity. Based successful Northern Ireland, STATSports’ exertion has go omnipresent crossed elite sporting institutions, moving time to time with 600+ clients, including 15 retired of 20 Premier League teams and satellite champions wrong soccer, rugby and baseball.


Proptech I Colchester

Strike is changing what it means to beryllium an property agent. For excessively long, selling your location has meant precocious fees and pointless jargon. SoStrike is turning the manufacture connected its caput and to marque selling simple, transparent, and free.


Cybersecurity I London

Tessian’s ngo is to unafraid the quality furniture successful cybersecurity by empowering radical to bash their champion work, without information getting successful their way. Using instrumentality learning technology, Tessian automatically predicts and eliminates precocious threats connected email caused by quality mistake – similar information exfiltration, accidental information loss, concern email compromise and phishing attacks – with minimal disruption to employees’ workflow.


Fintech I London

Wagestream is Europe’s fastest-growing societal interaction business. Working with employers similar Bupa, Holiday Inn, Pizza Hut, Halfords and the NHS, it supports the fiscal wellbeing of much than fractional a cardinal workers  – giving them 1 app for fiscal education, budgeting and savings, built astir much flexible entree to earned wages. Founded with a societal charter, it’s the lone supplier successful the fast-growing fiscal wellbeing class part-owned by starring fiscal charities and interaction funds.


Location Technology I London

what3words has divided the carnal satellite into three- metre squares with each quadrate fixed a unsocial operation of 3 words, making it the easiest mode to find and stock nonstop locations. Millions of radical astir the satellite usage what3words to marque beingness safer, much businesslike and little frustrating. Thousands of businesses usage what3words to amended efficiencies and lawsuit acquisition – from e-commerce and logistics companies to travel, ride-hailing and navigation apps.

Wolf & Badger

Ecommerce & Marketplace I London

Wolf & Badger is simply a planetary multi-channel retail level founded successful 2010 by the Graham brothers – George Graham, CEO and Henry Graham, originative director. Through its proprietary technology, Wolf & Badger connects users with fashion, accessories, homeware and quality brands locally and worldwide. The concern has an exclusive absorption connected ethical, unsocial and autarkic designers and was certified arsenic a B Corp successful May 2021 for its relation successful promoting just and liable retail.


James Isilay, CEO, Cognism comments: “I americium delighted that Cognism has been accepted to articulation the Future Fifty 10.0 programme. It represents a important measurement guardant for america arsenic a supplier of compliant income intelligence, helping companies find their adjacent champion lawsuit with pinpoint accuracy and speed. It besides recognises america arsenic 1 of the UK’s astir palmy integer businesses and a aboriginal person successful the UK’s tech economy. The Future Fifty is 1 of Europe’s astir prestigious scaling programmes and truthful I’m thrilled to beryllium moving with them astatine this captious signifier successful Cognism’s growth.”

Double Eleven comments: “For Double Eleven to beryllium recognised arsenic 1 of the UK’s astir palmy integer businesses is conscionable wonderful. I americium truly looking guardant to seeing what being portion of the Future 50 programme tin unlock for america arsenic a concern arsenic we turn and standard into the adjacent section of our company’s journey.”

Michael Mueller, CEO, Form3, comments: “I americium incredibly arrogant that Form3 has been selected to articulation the Future Fifty 10.0 cohort arsenic 1 of the UK’s astir palmy late-stage tech companies.We are each excited that Form3’s occurrence has been recognised and look guardant to joining forces with different tech leaders arsenic we proceed to standard rapidly connected our ngo to go the world’s astir trusted supplier of outgo technology.”

Hopin comments: “We are arrogant to beryllium included successful this year’s Future Fifty cohort alongside an unthinkable radical of exertion companies. Our ngo astatine Hopin is to marque the satellite consciousness smaller and much connected done meaningful and immersive shared experiences. It is an grant to beryllium a portion of a assemblage which shares our purpose-driven imaginativeness and is committed to supporting each different portion pushing innovation guardant successful the UK.”

Dan Vahdat, CEO & Founder, Huma, comments: “At Huma, we’ve been capable to marque specified a large interaction connected the aboriginal of healthcare due to the fact that of our collaborations with astonishing experts. We cognize however important it is to stock ideas, truthful we’re delighted to beryllium portion of the latest FutureFifty cohort arsenic this is simply a unsocial accidental for each of america to larn from each other’s mistakes and successes. This is captious if we privation to conscionable our ngo of advancing proactive, predictive wellness truthful we tin assistance everyone unrecorded longer, fuller lives.”

Euan Blair, Founder & CEO, Multiverse comments: “UK standard ups aren’t conscionable driving the economical recovery, they are besides places to person an incredible, fulfilling career. The learning opportunities from a hyper-growth situation can’t beryllium recovered elsewhere, and the rewards that travel from companies connected a ngo to alteration the satellite are huge.”

Richard Forlee, CEO, MYPINPAD comments: “MYPINPAD are delighted and honoured to articulation the latest cohort of Future Fifty. It is an breathtaking clip for MYPINPAD arsenic we deployed the world’s archetypal software-based payments solutions this twelvemonth and raised £15m superior to standard up the concern implicit the coming months. We look guardant to interacting, learning from others and sharing experiences with our peers astatine Future Fifty.”

Sean O’Connor, Co-Founder, STATSports comments: “STATSports are delighted to person been chosen arsenic 1 of the UK’s starring tech companies arsenic a subordinate of the Future Fifty 10.0 program. As Europe’s starring maturation programme for late-stage tech firms, the Future Fifty volition supply america with opportunities to larn from the experiences of different members arsenic we proceed successful our ngo to bring the world’s starring GPS sports show investigation to the mundane athlete. Our rank this twelvemonth is testament to the hard enactment of our employees, and arsenic the lone subordinate from Northern Ireland, we look guardant to highlighting NI’s portion successful the UK exertion ecosystem amongst this precocious worth web of our peers.”

Sam Mitchell, CEO, Strike comments: “It’s an honour to beryllium portion of the Future Fifty 10.0 programme. It makes america incredibly excited to cognize we are joining the ranks of immoderate of the fastest-growing and best-known brands successful the country. We purpose to usage the Future Fifty programme arsenic a level for maturation and betterment for some our enactment squad and our concern arsenic a whole.”

Tim Sadler, CEO & Founder, Tessian comments: “We’re truthful excited to beryllium portion of this year’s Future Fifty cohort and to articulation the alumni of powerhouse companies starring the mode successful tech. Since raising our Series C circular earlier successful 2021, Tessian is genuinely gearing up for the adjacent section successful our travel to unafraid the quality furniture successful enterprises crossed the world, and we are excited to observe however this programme volition enactment america successful achieving our mission.”

Peter Briffett, CEO & Co-founder of Wagestream, comments: “We’re truthful arrogant of the team’s efforts passim a volatile twelvemonth – astir doubling successful size to enactment much than fractional a cardinal front-line workers, and go Europe’s fastest-growing societal interaction business. We’re thrilled to go portion of Future Fifty 10.0, and look guardant to putting the learnings consecutive backmost into our ngo of shaping a caller fiscal wellbeing class and bringing fairer concern to millions of workers.”

Jack Waley-Cohen, Co-founder & COO, What3words comments: “We’re precise pleased to beryllium portion of Future Fifty, and with an breathtaking radical of different companies. what3words has been increasing accelerated successful caller years, and FF is large designation of our progress: we’re looking guardant to seeing what we tin get retired of the program, and besides we anticipation to beryllium capable to springiness thing backmost to enactment our peers and the wider UK tech scene.”

George Graham, CEO & Co-Founder, Wolf & Badger, comments: “We are thrilled to articulation Future Fifty arsenic we proceed to turn rapidly and physique connected our imaginativeness for a just and frictionless aboriginal for retail. We gained a immense magnitude arsenic erstwhile participants of Upscale and truthful are excited to enactment successful what volition nary uncertainty beryllium an exceptional program.”

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