Temenos Presents the Temenos Exchange – its Enhanced Open Marketplace for Fintech Solutions

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Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the banking bundle company, announced Temenos Exchange, a caller Fintech marketplace to bring unfastened banking innovation to marketplace faster, and astatine scale. The caller marketplace volition connection pre-integrated and certified Fintech solutions that tin beryllium easy deployed wrong the Temenos Banking Cloud, enabling banks to accelerate the instauration of caller fiscal services, portion reducing the costs of development. The Exchange is the halfway constituent wrong the precocious announced Temenos Scale Developer Program to beforehand and monetize caller fiscal solutions.

This comes arsenic the banking manufacture moves towards unfastened innovation and platforms and trends specified arsenic embedded concern are gaining traction. According to a recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey of planetary banking executives, astir fractional (47%) expect their businesses to germinate into ecosystems implicit the adjacent 2 years, offering their ain and third-party products and services to customers arsenic good arsenic different fiscal organizations.

Martin Bailey, Director of Innovation and Ecosystems, Temenos, said: “Temenos Exchange is each astir collaboration and co-innovation, unlocking the tremendous imaginable to make and merchantability solutions that alteration user experiences and alteration the DNA of however banks operate. It makes it easier for banks to rapidly integrate caller fintech solutions portion helping developers accelerate innovation and get caller ideas successful beforehand of the widest imaginable banking audience.”

For Fintechs and bundle developers, Temenos Exchange volition enactment arsenic an accelerator, helping them develop, validate and monetize caller banking solutions. Joining the Exchange means they tin constitute erstwhile and merchantability their solution crossed a immense banking assemblage of much than 3,000 clients successful 150 countries. Collectively, this assemblage serves the banking needs of 1.2 cardinal radical worldwide.

Temenos Exchange is supported by a caller developer program, SCALE, which gives participants entree to an API portal, shared and dedicated multi-product sandboxes to make and validate ideas and improved tooling to velocity up development.  Business expertise and enactment to early-stage fintechs volition besides beryllium provided, including impervious of conception testing, to bring caller ideas to reality.

One of the newest Fintechs to articulation Temenos Exchange is Greenomy, an EU Taxonomy/SFDR Solution that enables the redirection of funds towards sustainable activities, speeding up the modulation to a carbon-neutral system successful enactment with the European Commission’s Green Deal.

Alexander Stevens, CEO, Greenomy, said: “The caller EU Sustainable Finance authorities presents analyzable challenges for banks. Integrating Greenomy with Temenos and accessible connected Temenos Exchange enables thousands of banks to instantly deploy the precocious bundle tools and capabilities needed to present compliant sustainability reporting. With archetypal reports owed successful January 2022, banks request to enactment accelerated and the collaboration with Temenos is an accelerator successful extending the scope of our solution crossed the banking sector.”

The motorboat of the Exchange and SCALE programme volition service the increasing appetite from banks to entree innovations, adjacent earlier they person achieved wide marketplace adoption. Over the adjacent fewer years, Temenos expects the fig of fintechs connected Temenos Exchange to summation from astir 50 contiguous to much than 200 and is importantly expanding its integrations squad to guarantee each solutions are thoroughly tested, unafraid and bank-ready.

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