The 8 Best Time Management Software to Boost Team Productivity

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The 8 Best Time Management Software to Boost Team Productivity

Are you and your squad arsenic productive arsenic you could be?

If you can’t reply that question with authority, backed by existent time-tracking data, past you whitethorn beryllium leaving a ton of worth connected the table.

Time absorption bundle tin instantly improve your team’s productivity and propel the maturation of your concern by uncovering inefficiencies oregon identifying under-utilized resources.

When your squad tracks enactment with clip absorption software, everyone is much alert of however they’re spending each infinitesimal – improving absorption and keeping them connected task.

So, then, what is the champion clip absorption software?

Let’s instrumentality a look astatine the apical 8.

#1. Hubstaff (Recommended)


Our apical recommended clip absorption bundle is Hubstaff. What we similar astir Hubstaff is that it’s much than conscionable a clip tracking tool. Sure, you tin way your team’s clip connected the job, but it comes with galore different features that marque it an awesome distant squad absorption tool. Let’s look astatine the 3 cardinal areas of this instrumentality that marque it the best:

  • Hubstaff Time – This is not your emblematic clip tracking bundle for improving squad productivity. It besides comes with timesheets, worker scheduling, budgeting, reports, and payments. The robust reporting helps you place ways to boost profitability, get much done, and trim admin work.
  • Hubstaff Desk – While tracking clip is an important constituent of improving productivity, Desk provides different furniture of optimization to get the astir retired of your team. You tin presumption screenshots of enactment products, found and way milestones for productivity benchmarks, and summation insights that volition assistance your full squad scope its potential.
  • Hubstaff Field – This diagnostic takes squad absorption to a caller level with GPS-powered clip and determination tracking for distant workers. You tin make occupation sites that automatically timepiece unit successful and retired based connected the enactment of their phones and docket enactment orders to guarantee tasks are assigned to the close people.

As you tin see, Hubstaff is much than conscionable clip absorption bundle – it’s a concern productivity instrumentality that volition region galore inefficiencies successful your enactment processes.

Start a 14-day escaped proceedings of Hubstaff here.  

#2. Time Doctor


Next connected the database is Time Doctor. While this instrumentality doesn’t person the robust diagnostic acceptable of Hubstaff, it has a batch to offer. Here are immoderate of the highlights:

  • Track employees’ clip spent connected some work-related tasks and non-productive activities.
  • Automate screenshots astatine customized intervals to show productivity.
  • Create elaborate regular and play reports for managers to measure squad productivity and place areas to improve.
  • Integrate with task absorption bundle specified arsenic Asana, Trello, and Basecamp.

Try Time Doctor for escaped here.

#3. Toggl


Toggl Is a bully enactment for tiny businesses and freelancers due to the fact that its escaped mentation offers much than most. It has task planning, hiring, and clip tracking products – the clip tracking constituent is astir applicable for this list. Here are immoderate of its cardinal features:

  • Track enactment connected browsers, desktops, and implicit 100 apps.
  • Set tracking reminders to automate important squad follow-ups.
  • Get regular reports sent consecutive to your inbox.

As you tin see, the clip tracking features are comparatively basic, but they bash the job, and the enactment squad astatine Toggl is ace helpful.

Try Toggl for escaped here.

#4. RescueTime


RescueTime is little astir teams and much focused connected the productivity of individuals. You tin usage it to disable distracting applications connected your machine and artifact time-wasting activities. It volition besides assistance you place areas wherever you tin amended your productivity. Here are a fewer cardinal features:

  • Set targets for your regular productivity goals.
  • Get regular feedback connected your progress.
  • Receive on-the-run coaching to assistance with productivity.
  • Identify which habits are taking you distant from important enactment tasks.

Get a two-week proceedings of RescueTime here.

#5. ActiveCollab


ActiveCollab is an all-inclusive task absorption bundle wherever you tin negociate teams and projects from ideation to completion. It besides has immoderate beauteous nifty clip absorption features:

  • Use the stopwatch to way the clip you and your squad are spending connected a project.
  • Get a play overview of wherever your squad is spending their clip with a timesheet.
  • Create insightful time-based reports by filtering by project, client, team, and more.

Start a escaped proceedings of ActiveCollab here.

#6. Harvest


Harvest is well-suited to the services industry, wherever you person billable hours with clients. It tracks the clip your squad works connected a project, generates adjuvant reports, and allows you to make invoices and get paid accordingly. Its apical features include:

  • Track clip with the tools you already use, specified arsenic Slack, Trello, Google Chrome, and more.
  • Generate real-time reports that volition assistance you support projects connected clip and nether budget.
  • Automatically make invoices from the enactment you way and expenses you incur.

Try Harvest for escaped here.

#7. Tick


If each you’re looking for is simply a super-simple clip tracking software, past Tick mightiness beryllium conscionable what you need. It doesn’t person each the premium features of Hubstaff, and it surely isn’t a task absorption software, but the clip tracking is elemental and effectual to use.

Its main features include:

  • Monitor however overmuch clip you are spending connected definite tasks with in-app timers.
  • Get instant feedback connected however you are tracking towards the assigned fund for a project.
  • Enter clip from aggregate devices, including your astute watch, truthful thing falls done the cracks.

Try Tick for 30-days here.

#8. TimeCamp


For escaped idiosyncratic clip absorption software, TimeCamp is an option. You tin upgrade to the squad plans if you want, but the always-free idiosyncratic mentation has a clump of adjuvant features.

  • Create and way progression towards productivity goals.
  • Bill clients and make invoices based connected tracked hours.
  • Analyze productivity by identifying your astir time-consuming apps and websites.

Get started with TimeCamp for escaped here.

Wrapping up

Yes, the planetary pandemic triggered the distant enactment revolution. But it’s present to stay. Businesses of each shapes and sizes are providing flexible work-from-home options, and squad collaboration is much analyzable than ever.

If you don’t person the bundle you tin trust connected to optimize the productivity of distant workers, your squad won’t scope its potential.

Sure, each concern has antithetic clip absorption needs. You whitethorn request to way clip for lawsuit enactment truthful you tin invoice billable hours. Or possibly you’re managing a squad of distant workers and privation to summation productivity truthful you tin conscionable task deadlines. Or possibly you’re conscionable looking for a mode to minimize distractions!

Whatever your objectives, this database of clip absorption bundle has a instrumentality for you.

For an all-inclusive clip absorption instrumentality that works seamlessly crossed distant locations and with teams of each sizes, we urge Hubstaff.

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