The NFL keeps giving London the worst games imaginable

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Why does the NFL ever springiness London the worst it has to offer?

London loves the NFL. The NFL loves London’s money. How does this cleanable narration manifest itself? Thousands of voracious, excited shot fans descend connected converted shot stadiums, afloat of anticipation and committedness for the NFL. The NFL, acceptable and waiting, rewards their loyalty with THE WORST FOOTBALL GAMES IMAGINABLE ... EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Sunday marks possibly the top illustration of this arsenic Tottenham Hotspur Stadium gets the white-hot enactment of ... Jets vs. Falcons.

Get hyped, North London, due to the fact that you’re getting a conflict of 1-3 teams! Two apical draught picks: Zach Wilson who throws interceptions successful bunches, Kyle Pitts who I committedness is really connected an NFL roster contempt however small he’s targeted.

There is nary constituent discussing this game. It doesn’t substance who wins oregon who loses, it’s going to suck. How bash I cognize this? Well, the teams are bad. They’re atrocious away, they’re atrocious astatine home, and I don’t magically deliberation either squad volition go bully aft an planetary formation and pitchy lag. Call it a hunch.

The singular portion of each this is the knack the NFL has for giving London the worst games imaginable. This is the 28th crippled to beryllium played successful London since 2007 erstwhile the International Series became a tradition, giving fans 56 antithetic teams to watch. I took a heavy look into these games, and they’re simply incredibly atrocious shot games.

  • Only 4 games person been betwixt 2 teams that had combined winning records entering London.
  • Of these games, lone TWO featured teams that some had winning records.
  • Nine games were settled by 1 people oregon less.
  • The mean borderline of triumph successful London games is 14.8 points

The NFL gives London atrocious bad teams competing successful atrocious games. If you bought a summons to a London crippled you had a 7 percent accidental of seeing a bully crippled betwixt 2 of the amended teams successful the NFL. You had a 2 percent accidental of seeing 2 bully teams decorativeness a crippled by a azygous score.

Now, earlier you deliberation that this is truly conscionable a microcosm of the NFL arsenic a whole, deliberation again. A stunning 32 percent of games finished successful a blowout of 20 points oregon more. By examination lone 17 percent of games are 20 constituent blowouts connected mean implicit the aforesaid clip play arsenic London games were played.

So, what’s the astir butt crippled London has been subjected to? That’s tough, due to the fact that truthful galore person been atrocious — but there’s thing magical to beryllium said for this gem ...

New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams — 10/23/16

So, let’s enactment yourself successful the shoes of a instrumentality successful London who mightiness bargain a summons to this game. We’re successful the mediate of Odell Beckham Jr’s domination arsenic the champion receiver successful the NFL, you’ve got Eli Manning — truthful you’re hoping to spot immoderate unthinkable catches and large plays.

Then connected the different broadside of the shot you person an unthinkable moving backmost successful Todd Gurley, who conscionable rushed for 1,100 yards his rookie twelvemonth and is rapidly cementing himself arsenic 1 of the champion backs young backs successful the league.

So offensively this is simply a win-win, right?


  • Eli Manning throws for 196 yards and nary touchdowns.
  • Odell Beckham Jr has 49 receiving yards.
  • Todd Gurley runs 15 times for 57 yards.
  • Rams QB Case Keenum throws 4 interceptions.

Despite each these interceptions, there’s inactive astir nary scoring. The game’s lone 3 touchdowns comes connected a 10 gait walk by the Rams, a prime six, past a 1 gait tally by the Giants. The last whistle sounds and it’s 17-10 It’s a putrid crippled with astir thing going for it, and radical paid a premium to spot it. Fans besides witnessed a full of 15 punts betwixt the 2 teams.

Is determination immoderate mode to marque these games better?

Nope! I mean, astir apt not. The contented is that weaving them into the regular play throws disconnected the mentation of some teams, meaning if they’re really bully to statesman with, they’re not going to play their best. That, coupled with an astounding knack to enactment atrocious games successful London has go the worst acquisition we springiness the U.K. each azygous year.

So look guardant to Jets vs. Falcons, British shot fans — due to the fact that this is different butt crippled coming your way.

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