The QSR Industry Has a Loyalty-Rewards Problem 

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The digital-first nutrient ordering habits that consumers person acquired since the pandemic person fundamentally changed the edifice industry. A azygous touchpoint successful a overmuch broader, decentralized and digital-first ecosystem is astatine the halfway of consumers’ eating experiences. Gaining a competitory borderline successful this caller format requires restaurants to not lone person integer ordering capabilities successful place, but to besides connection value-added features specified arsenic loyalty programs to physique the beardown relationships they request to alteration casual diners into loyal customers. 

The Restaurant Readiness Index, a PYMNTS and Paytronix collaboration, talked with 514 managers of quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and full-service restaurants successful the U.S. to uncover a important quality of sentiment among customers and edifice managers regarding the ordering features they judge are cardinal to occurrence successful the digital-first edifice ecosystem. 

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Among the existing features commonly implored by restaurants, the quality to bid utilizing a mobile app, wage with a integer wallet oregon prime up orders curbside were priorities for consumers and managers alike.  

A staggeringly debased 35.8% of QSR managers spot loyalty and reward programs arsenic drivers of semipermanent success. The customers, however, spot the worth of loyalty and reward programs overmuch higher, arsenic 50% see it to beryllium a cardinal feature. Thirty-three percent of edifice managers spot QR codes arsenic an indispensable offering to heighten end-to-end experiences, portion lone 10% of the customers judge so.  

As the information shows, determination is simply a wide scope of knowing surrounding the powerfulness of loyalty and rewards programs arsenic a marketplace differentiator. Ninety-four percent of restaurants with the highest Restaurant Readiness Index scores successful our survey (top performers) are astir apt to connection immoderate benignant of loyalty and rewards program. Fifty-one percent of mediate performers bash the same, portion conscionable 11% of the lowest-scoring restaurants, by contrast, usage specified plans.  

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