The secret to maintaining payment compliance with a remote workforce

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One of the astir important and long-lasting impacts of the pandemic has been the displacement to distant working, with galore companies realising they tin run much efficiently erstwhile employees enactment astatine home. Capita are committed to enabling this to enactment by introducing flexible/hybrid working.
With due exertion and controls, it tin and volition enactment effectively, but volition necessitate monitoring and adjustments arsenic it volition not beryllium close for each employees. This melodramatic alteration successful the moving lives of galore radical is acceptable to stay – probe shows that 26% of the UK workforce volition proceed to enactment remotely successful immoderate capacity. Frankly, my ain presumption is that it volition beryllium considerably higher than this too. Yet, portion galore concern practices tin construe reasonably seamlessly from the bureau to the location environment, allowing distant workers to instrumentality payments implicit the telephone presents a existent information hazard if communal information frameworks of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) are not followed. As good arsenic putting employees into an unacceptable position, this puts companies astatine hazard successful presumption of governance, cost, gross and marque integrity.

Organisations request to see semipermanent solutions to support their PCI compliance and supply a harmless situation for their distant employees, without compromising lawsuit engagement. Businesses that autumn foul of their PCI obligations permission their distant employees and customers exposed to imaginable information breaches. The information that 2020 saw 36 cardinal records exposed betwixt Q1 and Q3 lone adds value to the request for these measures. Research shows that a information breach has an contiguous interaction connected customers and their willingness to walk – 58% of UK respondents said they would either adjacent their relationship oregon question proposal earlier making further transactions. A information breach astatine a institution of which they were not a lawsuit would pb to 75% of imaginable customers choosing not to bargain astatine all, oregon astatine slightest not for a portion – rather a stark figure.
While determination has been a monolithic displacement to integer outgo methods driven by the pandemic – with Accenture forecasting that 420 cardinal transactions volition determination from currency to cards and integer by 2023 – determination are besides galore radical who inactive similar to usage their telephone to wage by card, arsenic good arsenic smaller retailers oregon work providers which bash not person an online outgo strategy and tin lone instrumentality paper payments successful idiosyncratic oregon by phone. Employees taking payments implicit the telephone successful an bureau oregon telephone centre situation should beryllium protected by the firm governance of the organisation. However, employees who are expected to grip idiosyncratic paper information portion moving from location contiguous galore challenges.
The PCI Security Standards Council states: “For the home/remote idiosyncratic supported arsenic an hold of the entity’s network, marque definite that their situation (e.g. web and different technology) is unafraid successful accordance with the PCI DSS requirements. Any implementation should beryllium agreed to with your acquirer oregon outgo paper brand.”

The underlying, unspoken contented present is evident – no-one is watching a homeworker. In a worst-case scenario, the worker is rogue and steals the paper information for illicit use. While the immense bulk of radical would not hazard their occupation committing an easy traceable crime, determination are those that do. It lone takes 1 dishonest worker to origin a information breach and the full organisation is compromised. There is also, acold much commonly, elemental quality mistake – penning down paper details and leaving the insubstantial lying astir oregon thrown successful the bin oregon recycling for theft by outsiders. The supra examples tin instrumentality spot irrespective of institution information procedures specified arsenic allowing employees to lone usage approved hardware, unafraid telephone lines, regularly updated firewalls and robust authentication – each required for PCI compliance. But these procedures bash not divorcement the worker from having entree to the customers’ paper data.

Technological solutions
The simplest mode to support employees from suspicion, mistakes oregon temptation is to region entree to the delicate lawsuit information wholly – to instrumentality them retired of the cardholder information situation (CDE) altogether. The CDE is defined arsenic the people, procedures and systems that process, transmit and store lawsuit paper information and/or authentication data. However, it’s important to bash this without disconnecting the customer, truthful interaction centre unit tin stay on-hand if needed. There are galore solutions that code the PCI DSS, nevertheless the cardinal situation is maintaining compliance without impacting lawsuit engagement. Some solutions, specified arsenic pausing the telephone recording, don’t code the erstwhile and galore don’t code the latter, starring to a mediocre lawsuit acquisition wherever the unafraid paper seizure disconnects the lawsuit from the organisation. This tin easy effect successful lawsuit dissatisfaction and perchance non-payment.
One of the astir recognised solutions for a CDE-free process portion remaining PCI-compliant is the suppressing oregon ‘masking’ bundle known arsenic ‘dual-tone multi-frequency’ – oregon DTMF. This enables the caller to participate paper details via their telephone keypad. The suppressing bundle removes the DTMF tones, oregon with masking, replaces the tones with either random oregon level tones. This prevents dependable imitation, and successful the comparatively improbable lawsuit of a hacker gaining entree to the telephone enactment successful the archetypal place, the signals cannot beryllium decoded adjacent if illegally recorded. Using DTMF means that the worker ne'er sees oregon hears immoderate paper information and is truthful wholly removed from the
opportunity to perpetrate a information breach, unintentionally oregon otherwise. The information is transmitted straight to the PSP for authorisation truthful it does not participate the merchant situation astatine all, massively reducing the scope of PCI DSS. The situation remains compliant and unafraid for some the worker and the customer, and the lawsuit receives a seamless and businesslike outgo experience.

However, DTMF masking tin beryllium costly and analyzable to implement, truthful it’s important to see different options that harvester compliance with a frictionless lawsuit journey. These see integer outgo requests by paper and integer outgo requests by unfastened banking, which allows regulated 3rd parties to initiate outgo from 1 relationship to another. Digital outgo requests let telephone centre agents to nonstop customers a nexus via substance oregon email portion they stay connected the phone, that lets them take however they would similar to pay. If paying by paper is selected, the lawsuit volition input their ain paper details into a unafraid signifier – overmuch similar an e-commerce transaction – meaning the cause ne'er has entree to this information. Similarly, paying by unfastened banking allows customers to instantly authenticate a outgo straight with their bank, without immoderate paper details having to alteration hands.

Employee information is the work of the employer. While traditionally that has been ‘health and safety’ arsenic successful the carnal environment, the constitution of homeworking crossed galore industries means that the information of distant employees needs to beryllium taken precise earnestly successful presumption of some online and telephone interactions. Any organisation that is not actively addressing the issues of PCI compliance, some successful and retired of the office, risks costly fines and important reputational damage. However, businesses request to tread a cautious enactment betwixt compliance and lawsuit engagement to enactment connected apical of their game.

by Stephen Ferry, Managing Director, Pay360 by Capita.

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