Today in Healthcare: UHC and Walgreens Make Digital Advancements, U.K. HC Records at Heart of Lawsuit 

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Today successful healthcare, DeepMind gets deed with class-action suit by U.K. patients. Plus, Walgreens rolls retired a healthcare-focused concern segment, and UnitedHealth Group reports steadfast fiscal maturation arsenic it plans to expand.

Walgreens Launches New Business Segment Focused connected Healthcare 

Walgreens present has a concern conception dedicated to healthcare, with executives saying during the company’s fourth-quarter net telephone connected Thursday (Oct. 14) that the aboriginal of the pharmacy retail concatenation is babelike connected making aesculapian attraction easier for connected consumers. 

“Consumers are embracing retail pharmacy to negociate their healthcare much than ever,” Walgreens CEO Roz Brewer told investors and analysts, which is wherefore the institution is launching a caller concern segment, called Walgreens Health, to make a much unified healthcare offering for consumers.

Google’s DeepMind Facing Suit Over UK Health Data 

Google-owned artificial quality (AI) probe steadfast DeepMind is facing a class-action lawsuit implicit its usage of the wellness records of 1.6 cardinal U.K. patients. DeepMind was fixed entree to the records to physique a wellness app known arsenic Streams, according to a PC Gamer report. 

The lawsuit, which was filed by main plaintiff Andrew Prismall, a diligent astatine Royal Free Hospital, includes astir 1.6 cardinal patients who tin opt retired if they don’t privation to beryllium portion of the litigation. 

UnitedHealth, Walgreens Play to Digital Strengths successful Latest Earnings 

UnitedHealth Group and Walgreens both reported fiscal maturation and ongoing strategical expansions of their respective connected healthcare ecosystems during quarterly net calls connected Thursday (Oct. 14). 

UnitedHealth Group’s Q3 2021 revenues of $72.3 cardinal are up 11.1% twelvemonth implicit twelvemonth successful what the institution called “balanced, double-digit maturation astatine some Optum and UnitedHealthcare.” OptumHealth stole the spotlight with integer efforts, President and Chief Operating Officer Dirk McMahon said. 

Walgreens besides talked up digital, with CEO Roz Brewer pointing to the instauration of “a scope of consumer-centric healthcare solutions, which volition signifier the motor for our adjacent signifier of growth” during the company’s capitalist presumption connected Thursday (Oct. 14). 

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