Today in Restaurant and Grocery Tech: Grocers Bring Fulfillment In-House; Restaurants Tap Out-of-the-Box Rewards

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Today successful edifice and market tech news, Portillo’s aims to rise $400 cardinal successful its archetypal nationalist offering (IPO), and Kroger partners with Ocado to fulfill transportation orders without relying connected Instacart. Plus, Chipotle Vice President of Digital Strategy and Product Nicole West speaks with PYMNTS astir gathering integer loyalty without costly promotions and freebies.

Report: Taco Bell Serves Up a Subscription Service to Keep Customers Loyal

In September, Taco Bell test-launched the 30-day Taco Lover’s Pass, disposable successful its app for prime locations done Nov. 24. In an interrogation with PYMNTS, Zipporah Allen, main integer serviceman for Taco Bell, explains wherefore the edifice concatenation implemented this caller work and however it is accelerating its integer transformation.

Grocers Aim to Escape Reliance connected Instacart With In-House eCommerce Fulfillment

Third-party fulfillment is nary longer cutting it for America’s largest grocers. Kroger, the largest pure-play grocer successful the country, announced connected Tuesday (Oct. 12) that it is partnering with United Kingdom-based market exertion institution Ocado Group to make respective caller automated warehouses connected the East and West coasts.

Restaurants Use Tasty Offers and Cloud Tech to Tempt More App Downloads

“The takeaway close” is simply a acquainted maneuver to marketers, leveraging fearfulness of missing retired (FOMO), on with perceptions of scarcity, to impel user behavior. It goes similar this: brands tempt with items oregon services, giving exclusivity oregon peculiar entree to those who “act now” successful immoderate way. That appears to beryllium the reasoning down a caller Shake Shack campaign, wherever consumers who download the Shake Shack app get aboriginal entree to the chain’s upmarket paper items.

Hot Dog Fast-Casual Chain Portillo’s Seeks $400M successful IPO

Hot canine edifice concatenation Portillo’s is readying to merchantability 20.27 cardinal shares astatine a scope of $17 to $20 each successful an IPO seeking to rise arsenic overmuch arsenic $400 cardinal astatine an estimated valuation of $1.4 billion, according to the company's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Chipotle: Brands Can Drive Loyalty Without Bearing the Cost of Freebies oregon Discounts

Over the past mates of years, arsenic restaurants person poured resources into gathering the needs of their progressively online customers, Chipotle Mexican Grill has stood retired arsenic a person successful the integer space. Nicole West, the brand’s vice president of integer strategy and product, speaks with PYMNTS astir the 3 cardinal areas that the marque is focusing connected to support this integer occurrence successful the twelvemonth ahead: information optimization, conversational commerce, and in-restaurant integer integrations.

Getting Creative With Digital Loyalty Keeps QSRs’ Health-Concerned Customers Engaged

Restaurant rewards are progressively becoming the norm for speedy work restaurants (QSRs). As loyalty programs’ omnichannel scope lone continues to grow, immoderate brands are uncovering caller ways to physique integer loyalty to basal retired from the pack.

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