Today in Restaurant and Grocery Tech: QSRs Rethink Loyalty as FSRs Adopt Digital Strategies 

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Today successful edifice and market tech news, PYMNTS probe reveals that quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are not successful tune with the expectations of their consumers and that foodservice businesses could payment from adopting subscription models. Plus, Paul Macaluso, CEO of full-service concatenation Another Broken Egg Cafe, discusses however dine-in restaurants tin larn from the integer gains made by QSRs.  

The QSR Industry Has a Loyalty-Rewards Problem   

The Restaurant Readiness Index, a PYMNTS and Paytronix collaboration, talked with 514 managers of QSRs and full-service restaurants successful the U.S. to uncover a important quality of sentiment among customers and edifice managers regarding the ordering features they judge are cardinal to occurrence successful the digital-first edifice ecosystem.  

Wholesalers Woo Independent Grocers with On-Demand eCommerce Solutions 

On Thursday (Oct. 14), United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) became the archetypal wholesaler to spouse with DoorDash, integrating the work into its existing suite of eCommerce solutions. Through the partnership, autarkic grocers tin connection market transportation done the nutrient ordering and transportation level and tin look connected the DoorDash marketplace. 

Chick-fil-A Lawsuit Highlights Delivery Tensions; Del Taco Boosts Loyalty Engagement  

This week successful edifice news, Chick-fil-A gets sued implicit alleged transportation terms hikes, and Del Taco brings successful caller loyalty users with a rewards programme refresh.  

Deep Dive: How Consumers’ Growing Appetite for Subscription Services Can Help Sustain the Food and Restaurant Industries 

This Deep Dive examines the astir caller developments successful nutrient and edifice subscriptions. It besides explores however the model’s assorted forms — including repast kit, direct-to-consumer (D2C) and edifice subscriptions — are poised to assistance prolong the assemblage agelong into the future. 

Full-Service Restaurants Adopt QSR Strategies to Retain Omnichannel Customers 

As consumers’ integer ordering habits person remained adjacent arsenic mobility has returned, FSRs are forced to rethink what relation they volition play successful the post-pandemic future. Paul Macaluso, CEO of Orlando, Florida-based breakfast, brunch and luncheon FSR concatenation Another Broken Egg Café, which has with 75 locations successful 14 states and dozens much connected the way, spoke with PYMNTS astir the decisions facing table-service restaurants successful this twelvemonth of change.  

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