Today in Retail: Target and Kohl’s Fight Over Beauty Shoppers; Retailers Try to Reduce Holiday Returns

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In today’s apical retail news, Target’s concern with Ulta is facing disconnected against the Kohl’s concern with Sephora, portion retailers are trying to chopped down connected the items that shoppers instrumentality erstwhile the holidays are through. Also, Walmart is moving with Yahoo! to boost its societal commerce offerings, and Belk has partnered with Afterpay to connection customers a bargain now, wage aboriginal (BNPL) option.

Target, Kohl’s Battle for In-Store Beauty Shoppers

As consumers person near their homes astatine a steadily expanding gait implicit the past respective months, astir retailers person been pulling retired each the stops to invitation them into their stores, creating experiences and partnering with brands to marque their locations much appealing. In August, Target unveiled its archetypal fleet of Ulta shop-in-shops astatine locations crossed the U.S.; conscionable weeks later, rival Kohl’s opened its archetypal shop-in-shops with Sephora, chasing the aforesaid acceptable of customers up of the vacation season.

Retailers Hope Virtual Try-Ons, Clothing Rentals Can Cut Down connected Returns 

After past year’s vacation season, 63% of consumers said they planned to marque returns, according to PYMNTS research, with one-third going wrong the store to marque the instrumentality and 31% utilizing a mailing service. Another 21% utilized a merchant-designated drop-off location. Since then, galore retailers person actively sought ways to alteration the fig of returns they person to process, arsenic reverse logistics tin get costly for merchants.

Walmart, Yahoo! Beef up Social Commerce, AR Offerings for Holiday Shoppers

Walmart and Yahoo! are continuing their vacation shopping-related partnership, leaning into caller augmented world (AR) and integer opportunities. The companies person added a caller game, “Play for Joy,” connected Instagram, letting users play a claw instrumentality and drawback arsenic galore virtual Walmart gifts, and determination is simply a video bid with manner influencer Taryn Newton.

Belk Taps Afterpay to Power Buy Now, Pay Later

BNPL level Afterpay and Belk section stores unveiled a flexible outgo programme for online and in-store shoppers, giving them the enactment to wage for their gifts successful 4 interest-free installments. Belk said it has seen a 50% leap successful mean bid values since it started offering Afterpay to its customers.

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