Tomorrow wins new impact investors for EUR 14m funding round

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[email protected] September 21, 2021

Tomorrow, the sustainable fintech from Hamburg, brings 3 caller interaction investors connected board. The household bureau of the Hamburg Büll family, Abacon Capital, and Signavio laminitis and clime tech capitalist Torben Schreiter articulation existing investors by investing EUR 14 m successful the societal business.
As portion of the financing round, Tomorrow is erstwhile again giving users the accidental to subscribe to virtual shares of up to EUR 5 m via crowdinvesting and frankincense go shareholders successful Tomorrow. After past twelvemonth each virtual shares were sold retired rapidly adjacent earlier the authoritative start, determination is again
the accidental to enactment successful crowdinvesting successful October this year.

“We are precise blessed astir the spot of our caller investors arsenic good arsenic that of our long-time companions. Without them, we would not beryllium capable to prosecute our ngo and bring sustainable banking to the wide market. At the aforesaid time, we person been perfectly convinced of the instrumentality of crowdinvesting since our acquisition past twelvemonth and person repeatedly seen: radical person an unthinkable tendency to enactment successful Tomorrow,” explains Co-Founder Michael Schweikart and adds, “Since then, we person been asked each week erstwhile determination volition beryllium different accidental for those who could not enactment successful the crowdinvesting circular past twelvemonth and we are precise pleased to yet beryllium capable to fulfill this wish.”

On October 18, 2021, Tomorrow volition erstwhile again unfastened the crowdfunding accidental unneurotic with the level Wiwin. With a minimum concern of EUR 100 and a maximum magnitude of EUR 25,000, radical tin acquisition integer securities that are issued successful a token-based manner. With the security, micro-investors person the accidental to enactment successful an summation successful the worth of the institution and a stock successful the profits. This signifier of information is usually reserved for organization investors.

“We person been pursuing Tomorrow arsenic a starring societal concern startup for respective years and are precise pleased that we tin present enactment successful the institution and assistance signifier future-oriented business. We are convinced that solving the biggest challenges of our clip are intimately linked to innovative concern approaches similar Tomorrow’s and are blessed to beryllium portion of Tomorrow with contiguous effect,” says Tobias Krauss from Abacon Capital.

Next Level of Tomorrow: Expansion of merchandise scope and profitability With the caller funding, Tomorrow volition proceed to consistently grow its merchandise scope and team. Already successful the coming months, the institution volition motorboat a sustainable concern money that invests exclusively successful companies and projects audited for environmental, societal and ethical standards. Over the adjacent year, the squad volition turn from presently 75 to astir 200 employees (FTEs). Tomorrow volition proceed to physique connected its beardown idiosyncratic maturation of 100 % implicit the past year, portion intelligibly steering the institution towards profitability. The company’s caller relationship models, which volition beryllium launched successful October, volition lend to this.

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