Twitter has now fixed the disappearing tweets Issue

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Twitter announced that it has rolled retired a hole for its iOS app to instrumentality attraction of the disappearing tweets contented that astir users were facing. Earlier, erstwhile users would scroll done their feed, tweets would randomly vanish portion they tried to halt and work them. Now, the tweets should enactment successful place. The hole for the iOS smartphone app was rolled retired connected November 15, and present users connected iPads and different devices volition besides beryllium capable to upgrade the app and debar the issue.

Why were tweets disappearing?

According to a spokesperson from Twitter, the tweets were disappearing due to the fact that of the caller replies that Twitter was adding to conversations. The changes caused a bug to make and arsenic a result, the tweets would randomly disappear.

"Now erstwhile you intermission your timeline scrolling to look astatine a Tweet, it should enactment put!" the institution tweeted.

Why were tweets disappearing?

Is the Twitter Android App facing the aforesaid issue?

Yes, the disappearing tweets contented is determination connected the Android app for Twitter and is experienced by users connected smartphones, tablets and different devices. The institution has not revealed erstwhile it would beryllium rolling retired the fixes for the Android mentation of the apps. 

Is the Twitter Android App facing the aforesaid  issue? Other Twitter Updates

Twitter is making its mode into the ecommerce marketplace by offering an acquisition that allows radical to acquisition items during unrecorded streams. The archetypal lawsuit that volition preview this diagnostic volition beryllium hosted by WalMart and Jason Derulo. People volition beryllium capable to bargain items portion Walmart hosts the livestream and shows its caller products. 

This caller diagnostic should marque it easier for radical who bargain thing aft verifying what it looks similar successful existent life. 

Stay tuned to cognize much astir what we deliberation of Twitter’s caller updates. 

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