Unit partners with Currencycloud to enable seamless cross-border payments

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[email protected] November 25, 2021

Unit, the New York-based banking-as-a-service level (BaaS), has partnered with Currencycloud, the experts simplifying concern successful a multi-currency world, to connection their customers an easy, seamless mode to fulfill some home and planetary banking needs.

Unit is simply a banking-as-a-service level that empowers companies to embed banking features into their merchandise to physique and motorboat next-generation slope accounts, cards, payments, and lending products.

Unit present offers US-based customers the quality to easy marque cross-border payments, entree FX and wallets, and rapidly grow into planetary markets. The integration with Currencycloud enables customers to velocity clip to marketplace without having to physique these capabilities directly.

Itai Damti, Unit CEO and Co-founder explains: “Unit wanted to connection our customers a seamless and accelerated solution for cross-border and planetary payments. With Currencycloud, we tin amended align with our home banking providers to make what our customers deserve: a seamless end-customer acquisition betwixt their home and planetary banking needs.”

Cara Hayward, Director of Strategic Partnerships, North America for Currencycloud says: “There is precocious request for US Fintechs to grow their scope globally. Our concern with Unit helps Fintech innovators of each sizes person a seamless embedded banking acquisition domestically and globally.”

Unit and Currencycloud tin present connection their APIs arsenic a associated solution to their caller and existing customers today.

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