Vic Fangio’s anger at the Ravens’ final running play is peak hypocrisy

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This ailment makes nary sense.

Broncos caput manager Vic Fangio did his champion content of “old antheral yelling astatine clouds” connected Monday successful his property conference. Fangio got heated discussing the Ravens’ determination to tally the shot connected the last play of the crippled to sphere their rushing gait streak, alternatively of kneeling retired the game.

Broncos HC Vic Fangio thought the Ravens’ tally astatine the extremity of the crippled was “kind of bull****” and notes he’s ne'er seen thing similar that successful his 37 years of coaching successful the NFL.

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) October 4, 2021

“Yeah I thought it was benignant of bullshit, but I expected it from them. You know, I’ve [got] 37 years successful pro shot and I’ve ne'er seen thing similar that. But it was to beryllium expected, and we expected it [...] ‘Cause I cognize however they operate. That’s conscionable their mode of operation. Player information is secondary.”

The Ravens were attempting to necktie history, becoming the 2nd squad of each clip (and archetypal since the 1974-77 Steelers) to person 43 consecutive games with 100+ yards of rushing. Denver, to their recognition made it highly hard for Baltimore to scope the mark, requiring the Ravens to usage the last play of the crippled to unreserved and support the streak alive, alternatively than kneel retired the win.

Fangio is wrong his rights to beryllium pissed astir an unwritten rule, arsenic tends to beryllium the lawsuit for aged shot guys. However, erstwhile you accidental “player information is secondary” it’s utterly beyond the pale. If helium was really acrophobic with subordinate information successful the closing seconds of a mislaid game, past explicate this.

That’s Vic Fangio, calling 3 clip outs with little than 30 seconds remaining successful the game, down 23-7 and needing 3 scores to really win. It was an impossibility that the Broncos would people 3 times. Now, I’ll beryllium the past to accidental the Broncos should person fixed up. I’m a large proponent of the thought of playing whistle to whistle, but you don’t get to travel retired and beryllium each huffy astir the Ravens moving the shot and accidental it was immoderate deficiency of attraction for the wellness of players erstwhile you extended the crippled by 3 meaningless plays with clip outs.

I mean, if Fangio didn’t privation the Ravens to support the streak live determination was thing helium could person done: Let the timepiece tally out. After all, that would person enactment subordinate information archetypal — close Vic?

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