Visa Introduces Crypto Advisory Services to help Partners Navigate a New Era of Money Movement

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[email protected] December 8, 2021

Visa (NYSE: V), the world’s person successful integer payments, contiguous announced the motorboat of Visa’s Global Crypto Advisory Practice, an offering wrong Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA) designed to assistance clients and partners beforehand their ain crypto journey. This comes astatine a infinitesimal erstwhile integer currencies are taking greater clasp successful the fashionable consciousness – according to research released contiguous from Visa, consciousness of crypto among fiscal determination makers surveyed is adjacent cosmopolitan astatine 94% astir the world.i

For fiscal institutions anxious to pull oregon clasp customers with a crypto offering, retailers looking to delve into NFTs, oregon cardinal banks exploring integer currencies, knowing the crypto ecosystem is simply a captious archetypal step. Through their enactment with much than 60 crypto platforms, Visa’s planetary web of consultants and merchandise experts person heavy expertise to assistance fiscal institutions measure the crypto opportunity, make factual strategies, and aviator caller idiosyncratic experiences and innovations similar crypto rewards programs and CBDC-integrated user wallets.

“We’ve seen a worldly displacement successful our clients’ mindset successful the past year, from a tendency to research and experimentation with crypto, to really gathering a strategy and merchandise roadmap,” said Claudio Di Nella, Head, Visa Consulting & Analytics, Europe.


Client involvement successful gathering crypto solutions comes arsenic caller Visa probe shows important consciousness and adoption among consumers globally. In a caller planetary study, “The Crypto Phenomenon: Consumer Attitudes & Usage,” Visa recovered that astir one-third of respondents person straight engaged with crypto – either arsenic an concern conveyance oregon arsenic a mean of exchange. And globally, astir 40% of crypto owners surveyed study they would beryllium apt oregon precise apt to power their superior slope to 1 that offers crypto-related products successful the adjacent 12 months.

“Crypto represents a technological displacement for wealth question and integer ownership,” said Antony Cahill, Deputy CEO, Visa, Europe. “As consumers alteration their attack to investing, wherever they bank, and their views connected the aboriginal of money, each fiscal instauration volition request a crypto strategy.”

Surveying much than 6,000 fiscal determination makers crossed 8 markets (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, the U.K. and U.S.), the Visa survey uncovered the pursuing insights:

  • The crypto headlines are having an impact. Awareness of crypto is astir cosmopolitan astatine 94% globally among survey participants with discretion implicit their household finances.
  • A important conception is utilizing oregon investing with crypto: Nearly 1 successful 3 crypto-aware adults already ain oregon usage cryptocurrency, and the bulk of that radical (62%) accidental their usage has accrued successful the past year.
  • Engagement is higher successful emerging markets. 37% of crypto-aware consumers successful emerging markets usage oregon ain crypto compared to 29% successful developed markets.
  • Key motivators see wealth-building and content successful crypto arsenic the aboriginal of fiscal services. The biggest drivers of owning and utilizing cryptocurrency are to instrumentality portion successful the “financial mode of the future” (42%) and to physique wealthiness (41%) – some guardant looking motivators.
  • Crypto-linked cards and crypto rewards are attractive. Among existent crypto owners, 81% explicit involvement successful crypto-linked cards, which let you to person and walk crypto astatine the retailers wherever you store successful the aforesaid mode you tin usage a debit oregon recognition card. 84% are funny successful crypto rewards, which let you to gain crypto arsenic a reward for your paper spending.
  • Consumers are consenting to power banks successful hunt of crypto products. Globally, 18% of survey participants accidental they would beryllium apt oregon precise apt to power their superior slope to 1 that offers crypto-related products successful the adjacent 12 months. This is peculiarly existent for emerging markets, which jumps to 24%. Among consumers who already ain cryptocurrency, astir 40% are consenting to marque the switch.

To download “The Crypto Phenomenon: Consumer Attitudes & Usage” and larn more, click here.

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