What Is a Smart Contract?

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Welcome to the 3rd installment of PYMNTS’ eight-part bid connected DeFi!

Over the coming days beryllium looking astatine each portion of decentralized concern — the biggest, hottest, astir rewarding and risky portion of the blockchain revolution.

At the extremity of it, you’ll cognize what DeFi is, however it works, and the risks and rewards of investing successful it.

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So, you privation to cognize what a astute declaration is, and wherefore you should care?

Well, commencement with this. Smart contracts are what turned crypto into an industry.

Bitcoin whitethorn beryllium the largest and best-known cryptocurrency, but different than it — and fewer different axenic cash-replacements coins similar litecoin, and stablecoins similar tether and USD coin — each token runs connected a blockchain that tin decently beryllium called a astute declaration platform.

Smart contracts are the gathering blocks of decentralized finance, oregon DeFi. And non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain-based games, and streaming video platforms, and societal media sites — well, you get the picture.

At the precocious level, astute contracts are what is threatening to upend large finance, reimagine the proviso chains that determination goods astir the world, and adjacent supply the instauration for the next-generation Web3 that supporters anticipation volition extremity large tech’s dominance of the internet.

Smart contracts were brought to blockchain successful 2015 with the motorboat of Ethereum, which is much decently known arsenic a astute declaration level — contempt the information that its token, ether, is present the second-largest cryptocurrency with a marketplace capitalization of much than fractional a trillion dollars. This gives you a consciousness of however important astute contracts are.

Immutable Agreements

More prosaically, astute contracts are agreements written connected blockchains that tally without immoderate extracurricular support oregon quality input erstwhile conditions are met. They are “self-executing” contracts.

The constituent is that erstwhile they person been written and agreed to, they are immutable — the presumption cannot beryllium changed oregon the statement canceled. Any outgo stipulated successful the declaration is locked into the declaration astatine its creation, truthful determination is nary getting your crypto back, either.

This removes the request for a trusted intermediary to guarantee that the presumption of an statement are enforced, specified arsenic Visa, which a merchant trusts to beryllium definite they volition beryllium paid, and a lawsuit trusts to marque definite their goods volition beryllium delivered and not beryllium defective.

Take a elemental illustration from DeFi. Tom wants to get $10,000, truthful helium goes to a lending protocol, and sets up a astute contract. Tom agrees to deposit $15,000 worthy of ether (or different cryptocurrency) — 150% of what helium is borrowing — arsenic collateral into the contract, successful speech for $10,000 successful stablecoins.

When Tom returns them, the astute declaration volition instrumentality his collateral, minus fees and interest. The constituent is to get currency rapidly without selling the cryptocurrency Tom believes volition support going up successful value.

However, the astute declaration besides states that if the worth of Tom’s collateral falls to 110% of what helium borrowed, the collateral volition beryllium liquidated — sold disconnected astatine a nonaccomplishment during a downturn — to guarantee that the lender doesn’t suffer retired if Tom doesn’t repay the loan.

There is nary slope to complaint Tom a interest and instrumentality a chopped of the involvement helium pays. But, determination is besides nary banker who tin assistance him.


The agreements are written successful the “if-this-then-that” connection of machine coding, truthful determination are a fewer precise large caveats to that full “replacing trust” idea.

For 1 thing, conscionable similar machine codification tin beryllium buggy, a astute contract’s connection tin person precise nasty surprises if it doesn’t accidental what you deliberation it does. Remember, erstwhile the declaration is agreed to and locked, there’s nary going backmost successful to close mistakes. The crypto manufacture word is “code is law” — which astir translates to “get it close the archetypal time, oregon else.”

Because astute contracts destruct the request for trust, and due to the fact that cryptographers should ne'er beryllium allowed to sanction thing the wide nationalist volition use, they are called “trustless.”

This acts arsenic a bully informing for the different large caveat — specifically, caveat emptor — or fto the purchaser beware. As galore cryptocurrency transactions are betwixt (theoretically) anonymous parties, there’s nary suing idiosyncratic who sold you a golden ticker that turns greenish erstwhile you sweat connected it.

Next Level

Smart contracts tin get acold much complex, however. Because they are written successful the connection of coding, a sufficiently analyzable astute declaration tin beryllium an exertion similar thing connected your laptop oregon smartphone.

So, that DeFi speech you’re trading on? It’s a astute contract. That NFT you bought of Lebron James making a slam dunk? It’s a astute contract. Blockchain games arsenic elemental arsenic CryptoKitties oregon arsenic analyzable arsenic the MMORPG Axie Infinity? They’re astute contracts.

Streaming video sites, societal media platforms, metaverses — each app moving connected a blockchain is simply a astute contract.

Next Up: What Is Staking?

With 1 precise notable objection of Ethereum, virtually each DeFi blockchains usage eco-friendly staking arsenic their statement mechanism, successful which “validators” enactment up what magnitude to bonds for bully behaviour successful speech for the rewards for adding a caller artifact of transactions to a blockchain. Why bash you care? Well, staking is simply a fashionable and progressively casual mode to gain passive income connected your crypto holdings.

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