WhatsApp “end-to-end encrypted” messages aren’t that private after all

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Enlarge / The information of Facebook's fashionable messaging app leaves respective alternatively important devils successful its details. (credit: WhatsApp)

Yesterday, autarkic newsroom ProPublica published a elaborate portion examining the fashionable WhatsApp messaging platform's privateness claims. The work famously offers "end-to-end encryption," which astir users construe arsenic meaning that Facebook, WhatsApp's proprietor since 2014, tin neither work messages itself nor guardant them to instrumentality enforcement.

This assertion is contradicted by the elemental information that Facebook employs astir 1,000 WhatsApp moderators whose full occupation is—you guessed it—reviewing WhatsApp messages that person been flagged arsenic "improper."

End-to-end encryption—but what’s an “end”?

//faq.whatsapp.com/general/security-and-privacy/end-to-end-encryption/">security and privacy</a> leafage   seems casual  to misinterpret.

This snippet from WhatsApp's security and privacy leafage seems casual to misinterpret. (credit: Jim Salter)

The loophole successful WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption is simple: The recipient of immoderate WhatsApp connection tin emblem it. Once flagged, the connection is copied connected the recipient's instrumentality and sent arsenic a abstracted connection to Facebook for review.

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