Zwipe launches innovative enrolment solutions and creates breakthrough for Issuers

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[email protected] November 25, 2021

Zwipe launches a scope of enrolment solutions to complement their next-generation biometric outgo paper platform, Zwipe Pay ONE. Seamless lawsuit onboarding remains 1 of the astir important components successful enabling the modulation to the safer and much unafraid outgo acquisition provided by biometric outgo cards.

The Zwipe R&D squad has created immoderate exclusive inventions to flooded respective challenges that galore successful the manufacture had considered insurmountable. For the archetypal time, it is present a realistic proposition to person consumers enroll their paper astatine location utilizing conscionable a mobile telephone and a acceptable of elemental instructions.

Zwipe has created a scope of innovative enrolment solutions that conscionable the evolving demands of the fiscal services manufacture and consumers. With a absorption connected providing elemental to use, cost-effective and debased biology interaction products, Zwipe volition present aggregate antithetic types of solutions that see not lone passive and customizable enrolment devices, specified arsenic sleeves, highly integrated paper fulfilment packaging, and branch-based enrolment solutions, but besides self-service mobile telephone APIs that tin easy beryllium integrated into issuer apps. Issuers tin take the solutions that champion suit their needs and usage cases of their products and cardholder segments. For example, portion mobile app-based enrolment would beryllium charismatic for the bulk of consumers, in-branch supervised enrolment whitethorn amended suit fiscal inclusion programs.

All these solutions volition beryllium made disposable to Zwipe Pay ONE customers successful 2022.

“Zwipe has undertaken extended probe connected enrolment, and aft precise wide lawsuit feedback and interest, we decided to put heavy successful this area. Issuers repeatedly told america that enrolment is 1 of the astir important parts of the idiosyncratic acquisition for biometric outgo cards and we are delighted to person made respective breakthroughs that we judge volition alteration the mode successful which consumers enrol their cards whilst adjacent further strengthening the worth proposition for issuers. These developments underscore Zwipe’s ambition to beryllium a starring innovator successful the industry, putting idiosyncratic acquisition successful front”, commented André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

The enrolment solutions volition beryllium demonstrated astatine TRUSTECH in Paris, connected Zwipe’s booth, from 30 November 2021.

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